Carved into temple walls in India, Africa and South America, evidence of Sacred Geometric designs appear in abundance. Leonardo DaVinci, Joannes Kepler and Philosopher Plato were studying it intensively....

What can we learn from it today? 

We offer a range of Courses and Workshops to explore their meaning, by actively engaging in the Art of Drawing.

"There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres."




Sacred Geometry is believed to be the blueprint of our reality. We often see it in sacred architecture and sacred art. Its mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportions are found in music, light, and cosmology. Only with a simple compass and strait edge, we practise the basic forms that create beautiful mandalas. 

    1. The Circle: Seed of Life, Flower of Life, Fruit of Life
    1. The Triangle: Star of David, Triangular Fractals​
    2. The Square: Parallel lines, √2 Fractal
    3. The Pentagon: from a Triangle, from a Square, Phi Fractals


We cover various aspects of philosophical thought. Many of these sacred geometric models support the concepts in Hindu, or Buddhist teaching. It will also add depth and value to the scriptural understanding of the Koran and the Bible.

In Two Infinity/ Sierpinski Triangle
    1. 7 Days of Creation: The Seed of Life
    1. Karma: 4 Elements - The Wheel of Life
    2. The Akashic Memory: Phi Fractal, √3 into Phi Fractal
    3. The Aether: Sierpinski Triangle, Number 5, 6 and 7 - The Aetheric Cell


From the growth of plants, to the structures of the atom, Sacred Geometry is found in many models of science. It gives insights into the orientation of the planets in the Solar System, to the relationship held between the sun, moon and earth that facilitates such perfect eclipses.

      1. Collapsing the Wave: √2 Fractal, 8 - pointed Star
      2. The Elemental Table: 3D Platonic Solids, the Template
      3. Moon and the Earth: Phi in a Square, Sandreckoner Diagram, Squaring the Circle
      4. The Inner Planets: 4/3 Scaling based on the Triangle
      5. Solar Resonance: 3/2 Field Iteration


      Our 1 or 2 day Courses engage in a deeper understanding of Sacred Geometry and its relationship to life.

      We work in groups of max. 20 people, suitable from age 12, no skills needed.


      Beginner's Course


      This 1-day course is a fantastic introduction into the Art of Sacred Geometry. Practise the creation of the Seed of Life to the Metatron’s Cube only with a compass and a straight edge. We provide you with the drawing techniques and draw conclusions to their metaphysical meaning. 

            1. The Circle: The Seed of Life, Flower of Life Fruit of Life
            2. Creation of Dimensions
            3. The Metatron's Cube: the metaphysical concept of 2D and 3D

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          Our 2 hour drop-in Workshops give participants the opportunity to experience the Art Sacred Geometry with a compass and a straight edge. We offer these Workshops for Festivals and special events.

          Suitable for 1-20 people of any age, no skills needed.

          Suitable even for young children, this fun adventure through geometry shows us, how easy it is to create fantastic looking designs. From spiritual to scientific concepts, we explore the metaphysical perspective that will unravel the mysteries of life.

            1. For any age
            1. Suitable for Festivals
            2. Mediative through colouring 
            3. Different topics from science to spirituality

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