In 2 Infinity evolved out of the metaphysical philosophies from a man, called William W. Williams.


Over the course of 28 days, on a beach in India, William Williams wrote a book that flowed through him from a source unknown. Caught in a frenzy, he tapped away on a computer with a half broken screen, throughout the night and day. Science, Religions, Metaphysics, Esoteric, all these different disciplines seemed to merge in a novel and inspiring way. He found explanations for some of the most puzzling questions that have plagued the minds of many the greatest thinkers of all time. He emerged from the fever with 100,000 words and that was when some very strange things started to happen to him.

Over the next half a year, William visited Scientific institutions, and Religious establishments, to share his amazing new insights. However, the task proved too difficult, so he returned to India to rewrite his book in a more accessible way. Over the next year he build a team of dedicated individuals who shared the passion for Sacred Geometry and Metaphysics.

This was the beginning of In 2 Infinity.

It started with the idea of writing a book, that would document Williams life and philosophies, and create ways to make the concepts more accessible. Today, In 2 Infinity is no longer just a book, but a platform that offers workshops, training, and talks about Metaphysics. The focus is still on producing literature, such as instructional guides and thought provoking books that promote the Metaphysical stand point. Through this, In 2 Infinity aims to bring the Metaphysical Philosophy of William Williams to more people of all ages and walks of life.

I had spent so much time drawing the mandalas found in sacred geometry, but I had no idea what they actually ment. When I met William it was like a light bulb got switched on in my head. Suddenly, I began to see the world through completely different lens.

Colin Power Facilitator

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