Truth Juice Tour – Metaphysical Talk “The Atom and The Aether”


We finished our Truth Juice Tour with the Talk, ” the Atom and the Aether”, starting in Leicester (read here), then Hull and finally Birmingham.

Truth Juice is a community of Free Thinkers, who regularly present talks in alternative topics such as health, law, economy, spirituality and more. On our Truth Juice Tour through Leicester, Hull and Birmingham, we presented the metaphysical perspective of light and space, pointing out to the possible structure of the Aether found in the Atom.  From scientific experiments to spiritual concepts, the overall idea of reality from the perspective of consciousness was supported by 3D Sacred Geometric models. At the end of each talk, people were able to ask questions and exchange thoughts. About 30-50 people came to Truth Juice Hull and Birmingham, who gave us a very good feedback for our presentation.

After the talk, we also had very interesting conversations with some of the participants about life, the universe and numbers. Our pocket book “the template” was for sale and many grabbed the chance to get this introductory Sacred Geometry book to practise some of the concepts we presented from the comfort of thier home.

Overall, we thank Truth Juice for giving us the opportunity to give these talks. We hopefully see you next year with our next talk!

Check it out:

>>Truth Juice Leicester

>>Truth Juice Hull

>> Truth Juice Birmingham

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