Tribe of Doris – Sacred Geometry Workshop

Sacred Geometry Workshops at Tribe of Doris Summer School. With a compass and straight edge we presented the metaphysical perspective of reality.


We participated at the Tribe of Doris Summer School with our Sacred Geometry Workshops.

Tribe of Doris – drumming and culture

This beautiful gathering evolved from an animated group of music lovers and adventurers about 25 years ago. The heart of this event is the love for drumming and culture, bringing cross-cultural goodness to the merry fields of England. Over the years this community grew bigger and their events included all aspects of music, dance and creativity from across the world. On the greenland of Stanford hall, the fire gathered all groups of the community for a final performance night. Here, many teachers and participants were showing what they have learned from the workshops.

Our Sacred Geometry Workshops were completely full

In 2 Infinity was represented in the crafts area, where we shared our knowledge by drawing mandalas each day. Using accelerated learning techniques we introduced the metaphysical perspective. This includes philosophical concepts and scientific models from the Atom to the Galaxy. People were really interested in these topics and our 2-hour Workshop filled up very quickly. Some people weren’t able to get a place to draw, but would stay to just listen. Our main message was, that it is easy and fun to understand the mysteries of the universe. We also presented some knowledge in our Art Cards for donations and had a practical Pocket Book for sale to take home for further practise.

All in all, a wonderful festival, multi-cultural and connecting, entertaining and challenging. Thank you Tribe of Doris, hope to be back next year with new geometric delights!

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