Book release: The Template – A Journey through 3D

After much anticipation we are proud to release our very first pocket book!


A Journey through 3D


A Journey through 3D​  

Author: William W. Williams 

Edition & Illustration: Heike Bielek, Colin Power

Genre: Metaphysics, Geometry 

Publication Year: 2017

About the Platonic Solids

The Template is your one stop guide to regular 3D solids, often termed ‘the Platonic Solids’. They are called regular as each of their faces, sides, and vertex – the distance from the center to any corner – is the same. It is quite an interesting fact that there are no more than five of these forms, a point that bears no significance to modern science. However, from a metaphysical perspective this is no coincidence. From Five Elements – Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Aether, arises our five sense reality. Our reality is measured in terms of length, depth, and breadth, that metaphysics considers to be cubic space. Cubes fit together and fill an infinite space perfectly. It just happens to be one of the five Platonic Solids.

A practical Guidebook

In the Book, The Template, you will find full instructions on how to build each platonic solid, using just a compass and strait edge. Filled with step by step instructions, this simple to follow guide has a variety of additional challenges. Included is the template that holds the key for each relative side length. By creating each solid at a specific size, they can be nested, one inside the other.

More Information in the Appendix

In the appendix, we have included the templates for the Star-Tetrahedron, and Truncated Octahedron, and further information that explains concepts such as divine ratios, phi and the golden section, platonic duals, compound solids, the geometry of space, chaos theory, the elemental table, and the structure of the atom.

A fun activity

This Book is more than just a simple guide. Its is a practical book that can provide a fun experience to people of all ages and abilities, great as an activity for children, and a useful learning tool; small enough to fit in your pocket, you can take with you anywhere!

It is now available online and at our workshops and courses.

First Books and Artwork sold! 🙂

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