The Green Gathering – Talks and Workshops

At the Green Gathering offering Sacred Geometry Workshops and Metaphysical talks about the pattern's of nature.

By heike Bielek | Events

Aug 14

The Green Gathering was a beautiful family-friendly festival located at Chepstow countryside offering different crafts, talks, campaigns, music, dance and off-grid solutions…something for everyone.

A talk at Avalon Rising

The Avalon Rising Tent had a full programme of talks on earthy and esoteric subjects – from the magic and medicine of mushrooms to sacred geometry, perception and connection, dowsing, and megalithic sites. We met some of the organisers at the Heart of the East Festival a few weeks ago and were invited to do our talk “The Atom and The Aether”. This time, Heike was in the leading role giving our 1 hour talk about metaphysics and its implications to science and spiritual concepts, while Colin presented the different Sacred Geometric Models.

Event though it was the first day the tent filled up quickly and people seemed to be intrigued by Sacred Geometric knowledge. We also met the artist Louise Bellairs of the Art of Sacred Geometry, who showed a beautiful animated video of the Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube and the five Platonic Solids.

Sacred Geometry Workshops for everyone

We offered a 2 hour drop-in Sacred Geometry Workshop every day in the crafts area. We had quite a few people coming around, from kids to adults, everyone wanted to learn about and draw Sacred Geometry. Our tables were full of paper, drawing compasses, pencils and rulers which was all we used to create the beautiful mandalas presenting nature’s patterns. Fractal Geometry, 3D models and the geometry of the solar system seemed to be very attractive metaphysical content that people wanted to know more about. We also sold some practical pocket books of the ‘template’ for people to draw at home.

Thank you Green Gathering, we had an amazing time!

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