The Atom and the Aether – Talk in Leicester

Our first talk in the UK was presented to the Truth Juice Community of Leicester


At the turn of the 19th century, Scientists have been in search of an Aether that could act as a transport mechanism for light to travel in a vacuum.

However, they failed to find it. Since Albert Einstein and the Photon, Light is said to exhibit properties of a wave and a particle. This wave-particle dualism has led science to a divided mindset and left many unanswered questions.

Truth Juice invited us to give our first UK talk at the 2Funky Music Cafe in Leicester. Truth Juice is a national wide community of Free Thinkers and Truth Seekers, offering an alternative view in many different topics such as health, science, law, spirituality and much more.

Titled ‘The Atom and The Aether’, we addressed the scientific conundrum of light and presented the perspective of Metaphysics through the concepts of Sacred Geometry. The talk outlined the possibility of an Aether with scientific data and referred to the structure of the Atom and its underlying pattern. We introduced a novel concept of space and dimensions related to platonic knowledge and explained the mechanism through which light collapses from a wave to a particle. This was underlined with different 3D models and experiments with polarised light. Sacred Geometry and its implications to the natural world from the quantum realm, our 5-sense reality to the vastness of the galaxy led to a final spiritual message for a positive outlook to the future. A subsequent discussion round gave people the opportunity to ask questions.

Truth Juice Leicester

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