Workshop Facilitator, Sacred Geometrician, Musician

Throughout his life, Colin pursued music with passion. Whilst researching sound and resonance, he stumbled upon Vedic Mathematics. This opened the door toa whole new world ofMetaphysics. In 2010, he started the practise of drawing Sacred Geometry. This directed him towards expanding his knowledge of Science, Religion, Spirituality, and Metaphysics, while he still pursues his musical career. 

His 10 years experience of running digital music sessions, for people of all ages and abilities, Colin is perfectly placed in the team to facilitate our practical Sacred Geometry workshops. Colin’s experience of working creatively with people has brought a great deal of joy to attendees. His teachings include geometric drawings from simple ‘Seed of Life’ to complex 5-pointed Star fractals.  


Scientist, Yoga- and Kite surf teacher

After her phD in biology and a short while in the pharmaceutical industry, Heike decided to quit her job and started to travel the world, became a kitesurf-Instructor and Yoga teacher. On her travels she met Colin, who introduced her into the concepts of metaphysics. With In 2 Infinity she could combine her passions of  science, art and spirituality. Her enthusiastic personality is a great benefit for the workshops and courses, where she supports Colin in presenting the metaphysical knowledge in a more tangible way. Her Blog >>


In 2 Infinity is based on the thoughts of William W. Williams.

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