Teaching Sacred Geometry in Elementary School

Our first Sacred Geometry Workshop for kids was a full success!



The Otfried Preussler Elementary School in Bad Soden, Germany, invited us to teach Sacred Geometry as an Art Lesson for classes of the 4th grade.

Metaphysics for kids: Accelerated Learning

So far, our workshops mainly addressed the spiritual community, thus this was a very good opportunity for us to make our metaphysical knowledge applicable to kids.

We divided the class in half, counting 10-15 students, which was a better size to manage. As our workshops are usually held in english, we offered a mix of english and german, which was a good opportunity for the kids to use some of their english skills.

The girls and boys between 9 to 10 years, each received a compass and straight edge. We practised the creation of the Seed of Life, a symbol found in Yoga and many ancient inscriptions. With the 2 hour class, they learned about different geometric concepts, revealing a different perspective on math and science. Our topics ranged from Atoms to Galaxies using interactive learning methods (accelerated learning), such us practical activities and 3D models. The final mandala, “the Seal of Jupiter”, a geometric construct of the actual relationship of the orbits of earth and jupiter around the sun, was left for the students to colour. This pattern can be found in the The Little Book of Coincidences, which we always carry with us.

Each student left the class with their unique drawing and a few insights into the wonders of the universe told through the Art of Sacred Geometry.


In 4 sessions we were dealing with a total of 56 students. This was a very good experience to for us, but also the kids seemed to love Sacred Geometry. Here are some comments:

I liked it it because it was nice to see what you can do with circles and lines. – Anna-Sophia, 10

I really liked the drawing.

I understood everything, because it was translated in German. – Elsa, 10

The topic was nice and it was really exciting.

The Geometry was fascinating. – Lars, 10

We also brought our pocket book, to practise more geometry at home. Buy here >> The Template: A journey through 3D

Thank goes out to Otfried Preussler Grundschule and Christiane Weimar for making this possible.

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