We aim to inspire thought and an understanding of life by positively communicating the philosophies behind Sacred Geometry. Based on the content of our books we provide a selection of inspiring talks, that blend scientific, and spiritual thought from a metaphysical perspective.

From the structure of space and the atom, to the function of time, we offer inspiring talks that unify these concepts with the spiritual wisdom of the nature of consciousness. This metaphysical perspective holds valuable keys to the questions that have occupied humanity throughout the ages:

Why are we here? Is there a meaning of life? Where are we going?

" Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.”

Carl Sagan



In this presentation, we explain the current scientific paradigm, outlining the fundamental tenants of quantum physics.

Light itself is structured geometrically.

Currently, physicists and chemists apply two distinctly different models of how the electrons are structured within the atom.

  • Chemists perceive the electrons as electron pairs that orbit around the nucleus in different shells. 
  • Physicists perceive an electron cloud, which are defined through different types of orbitals.

We present a Metaphysical Model of Space that accurately defines the atomic structure and merges both scientific perspectives.

Scientists have been in search of an Aether that could act as a transport mechanism for light to travel in a vacuum. Could this new revelation reveal the quality of the Aether, and how it works? And if so, what are the implications for scientific belief?



In this presentation, we explain the current scientific model of linear time versus the metaphysical perspective of cyclic time.

Eisenstein’s Theory of Relativity is a common, accepted model within the minds of the public. It describes the idea that light travels from A to B. This conclusion came from a thought experiment, where Einstein imagined himself travelling on a beam of light at a predetermined speed. Consequently, he qualified time as the movement of an object from A to B relative to the motion of the observer. 

However, Eastern Mystics pronounce a different model of time, where the present moment is always constant. Instead, time passes through a wheel of karma. The moment arises and we act or re-act in accordance with the situation.

In this presentation, we detail the intricacies of both schools of though in the perspective of metaphysics. By comprehending these different perspectives on time and qualifying the experiments on time travel, we can create a new definition of time.

How does the past, present and future actually work to create a shared reality experience?

Consciousness and Number


This presentation delves into a comparison of thought on numbers, and details a radically new way of perceiving them and their affect us.

Mathematics is the language of science. We measure the world and formulate mathematical equations that predict the behaviour of reality with incredible accuracy. Despite this fact, most scientists and mathematicians consider numbers to be nothing more than a figment of human imagination.

This view is contrasted by Vedic and Hindu thought, who believe numbers to be at the very heart of creation itself. Many of the great Western philosophers, including Plato and Achaemenids also share this idea. Even though our scientific advances brought us material gain, we might have lost something along the way?

In Metaphysics, the concept and structure of numbers reveals an interwoven relationship that draws deep comparisons to the nature of life. Are Time and Space numerical concepts, driven by an algorithm we have yet to fully understand? A re-evaluation of our concept of number could revolutionise the very foundations of science itself.

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