Sacred Geometry Workshops in India

Every Sunday we offer an introduction into Sacred Geometry at The Space Goa, India.


We successfully started our workshop season in South Goa!

The Space Goa, a restaurant for organic food and a space for healing, meditation and other spiritual courses has turned out to be the perfect venue for our drop-in courses. Every Sunday afternoon we gather in the beautiful green, shady garden, where coffee and cake meets compass and straight edge.

From the Flower of Life to the five-pointed star, each week we cover a variety of metaphysical topics. Once we have created the image of the week, we leave enough time to colour the discussed form, allowing space for contemplation and relaxation of the mind.

It’s really been fantastic to see the vast variety of unique mandalas that arising out of the same geometry. So far, we gathered participants from 3 years to 73 years old, and all ages are welcome. So, drop by one afternoon for a coffee and cake, and become frequented with the depth of this wonderful art-form.

We will be carrying on with our regular Sunday Sessions, 2pm – 4pm, right through the season until the 9th April 2017. This drop-in workshop is funded through anonymous donations, (recommended 300 RP).

Thanks goes out to the fantastic people at The Space Goa for their wonderful support of our project.



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