Sacred Geometry Course in Oxfordshire

A course in the fields of Oxfordshire.


We gave a full day Sacred Geometry Course at the Hill Farm Sanctuary in Oxfordshire. This event was organised in collaboration with Nick Osipczak, a professional MMA fighter (Tai Chi), whom we met in South Goa, India last winter. Being also a passionate Sacred Geometry artist (Raised Spirit Art), he came to one of our workshops and instantly wanted to cooperate with us. After being around the country for the whole summer going from festival to festival, this was our last event in the UK.

A course in the country side

Unlike our Sacred Geometry Course in Bristol, the location of this course was not inside, but in the fields of a farm. A huge marquise was set up for us with tables and hay barns to sit on, while we could enjoy the beautiful view of nature. We had about 13 people coming from all over the country, some we met during our tour through the festival scene. Even though it was quite fresh at times, we had a few physical exercises to warm up and a tearoom for breaks and chats. As England is always surprising, we experienced rain and sunshine while drawing with a compass and straight edge.

Learning about Metaphysics

Each participant received an 80-page manual, that contained all information with additional teacher’s notes and answer sheets. We worked through the first half of the material, leaving another set of geometric forms study at home. Our approach to Sacred Geometry was very scientific as we addressed certain effects seen in science such as the ‘double slit’ experiment. Our intention was mainly to explain metaphysics, how reality can be seen from the perspective of consciousness. Through drawing exercises, we introduced very simple geometric forms, that represented basic patterns seen in the universe; from atoms to the solar system. Our 3D models and little experiments served as a nice visual.

Sacred Geometry Art

Some of the participants were practising Sacred Geometry and brought a few of their drawings with them. Our host, Nick, showed us his recent work, the ‘black and gold series’, very stylish and expressive pieces. It is definitely worth checking out his website (Raised Spirit Art), as he currently offers a 10% discount with Promocode: IN2INFINITY!

The first step on the path of metaphysics

At the end of the day, many were overwhelmed with the depth of knowledge, realising this was only starting to scratch the surface of the mysteries of the universe. We can assure you, there is much more! Everything is connected and we are trying to bridge the spiritual and esoteric knowledge to more grounded scientific thinking.

We are definitely coming back for another round next year.


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