Sacred Geometry Course in Bristol

Our first full-day Sacred Geometry Course at the Hamilton House in Bristol


This was our first full-day Sacred Geometry Course ‘Metatron’s Cube’ held at the Hamilton House in Bristol. Many came to the course as they were interested to learn about the beautiful patterns in a guided drawing class or wanted to get technical expertise in metaphysics, numbers and music.

A metaphysical study day

Equipped with an over 80-page teacher’s manual, we introduced the concepts of Sacred Geometry to an intimate round of 11 people. The course was a mix of drawing excises, quizzes, physical activities, calculations, spiritual metaphors and scientific experiments. We presented a few 3D models of Archimedean solids to visualise images created by the Flower of Life and explained their metaphysical meaning. Through Sacred Geometry, we presented a nice model of how reality is created in terms of sound and light as seen in the structure of the atom. These could also explain some of the spiritual metaphors, such as the dharma wheel in Buddhism.

A Manual for everybody

By the end of the day, we went through the working manual, leaving enough exercises to take home to study and practise for about a year. The manual also served as a teacher’s guide, so everyone who attended the course would have the material and knowledge to be able to run workshops themselves. We wanted to find people interested in Sacred Geometry and become a part of the In 2 Infinity Community and become future teachers. The course gave them a first and very intense impression of Sacred Geometry and its relationship to life. 

We thank all participants for this very fun day.  Until next year!


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