Sacred Geometry at Tribal Earth

Successful Sacred Geometry Workshops at Tribal Earth Gathering in Lewes!


Tribal Earth Summer Gathering took place in the fields of Lewes, East Sussex.

It was a small festival, counting about 1000 participants. Whether you were into World Music, African Drumming, Poetry, Yoga, Tai Chi, Singing, Meditation, Crafts, or simply sitting by a beautiful fire making new friends, the program offered something for everybody.

Sacred Geometry Workshops

We presented our Sacred Geometry Workshops in the midst of the festival and attracted people of all ages to the practical drawing session. Using boards to draw on, compasses and rulers, we taught the mysteries of geometric patterns such as the ‘Flower of Life’ and presented a few models to visualise the 2D images in 3D. While kids really got into the drawing and painting, many were happily indulging in the knowledge side of the workshops.

The unchanging moment or ‘Dharma Wheel’, known from Buddhism, was one of  the more spiritual topics we covered, which gives a solution to the so-called ‘mind-body problem’. We also introduced the Star of Laxmi, a symbol for the goddess Laxmi in Hindu Cosmology. She stands for the manifestation of wealth as presented in an 8-pointed star, that we decoded with scientific logic and a few magical experiments. After the workshops we had some amazing conversations about life and the Universe and were able to enjoy the colourful program of this gathering.

All in all, it was a beautiful festival with loads of interesting people and good music. We definitely want come again!

More Sacred Geometry?

Come to our 1-day Course at the 9th in Bristol or the 16th in Oxfordshire. 

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