Sacred Geometry at the Mandala Festival, Netherlands

Spirituality and Art meets Metaphysics through the power of Sacred Geometry


The Mandala Festival in the Netherlands was almost like a shout out for Sacred Geometry. It had the right balance of workshops, music, spirituality and summer vibes.

The Mandala Festival – a broad range of activities

Based in the country side surrounding a small lake, people of all ages gathered and enjoyed the different tribes and their crafts, Yoga classes, healing sessions, dance and more. Dressed in costumes and paints, the Festival started with a ceremony to light the fire that would continue to burn for these 3 days to connect us with the divine power.

Sacred Geometry by the beach – more than just a mandala

We offered our Sacred Geometry workshop on the beach, where people came by and were able to learn about the world of metaphysics by drawing and painting. We showed them principles of nature and how they are connected to the roots of all mandalas. From scientific models to the geometric relationships of the solar system, people left with a beautiful mandala and a whole new perspective of the universe.

Questions about Life, the Universe and Everything? (42 and above)

Dutch people were very curious and open to the concepts of Metaphysics, so we decided to offer a discussion round about Life, the Universe and Everything. We were lucky, to be able to use a beautiful blue tent from one of the tribes, were we gathered the people in a small round. Here, everyone could ask questions that are usually not much discussed in all day life:

  • What happens when we die?
  • How does geometry relate to reality?
  • Are we living in a matrix?

We are happy that we were able to bring curiosity back to people’s lives and show them the amazing concepts of Metaphysics.

Do you want to know more?

Join our Facebook Community. We also recommend our pocket book ‘the Template – A Journey through 3D’ as a practical exercise to create the nested 5 Platonic Solids with a lot of interesting information in the appendix where we show you how these geometric forms relate to physics, chemistry and mathematics. Furthermore, have a look at our recommended book list and other projects that are in line with the metaphysical perspective.

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