Interested in learning more about Sacred Geometry and Metaphysics? Brouse this small selection of books we recommend. 

Carry Sacred Geometric Knowledge wherever you go!

For those who are Scientifically  and Mathmatically minded

.For those who are interested in Spiritual knowledge

Pocket and Guide books

We highly recommend the following pocket books from Wooden books:

In 2 Infinity - Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is a very simple introduction into Sacred Geometry, the basic shapes, the golden spiral, sound and designs in churches and fabrics.

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In 2 Infinity - A Little Book of Coincidence

A Little Book of Coincidence

A Little Book of Coincidence discusses the mathematical relationships in the solar system. It suggests that there may be fundamental relationships between space, time, and life that have not yet been fully understood.

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In 2 Infinity - Golden Section

The Golden Section

In The Golden Section nature's most beautiful ratios in the universe is revealed: Phi, the golden ratio or golden mean. It shows how the fibonacci sequence approximates this divine ration and how it evolves out of basic shapes.

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Geometry and Numbers

In 2 Infinity - Gods secret formula

God's Secret Formula

Dr. Plichta proves conclusively that a mathematical formula, based around prime numbers, lies behind the mystery of our world and universe.

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In 2 Infinity - Memento 13

Memento 13

This book is filled with Numbers, Golden Proportion, Fractals, Spirals and Music presents through artistic illustrations. Milena, artist and author reveals a deep connection between Geometry, God's Love and the Self through geometry.

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In 2 Infinity - Gateway to the heavens

Gateway to the Heavens

Simple geometric shapes and symbols combine to make the universal, powerful, sacred model Karen French calls Gateway to the Heavens. In this book, French explains the meaning and purpose of these shapes, how they mold our reality and perception of it through nice illustrations.

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In 2 Infinity - The Seed

The Seed on a 7x7 evolutionary trajectory

The Seed, another book by Milena, breaks down universal knowledge and principles into explanations and illustrations that the 'ready' mind can grasp. Solve the puzzle of a Human Seed and its cosmic destiny! Find the answers pertaining to its origin, evolutionary stages and genetic fulfilment.

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In 2 Infinity - Hindu gods and goddesses

Hindu Gods Goddesses

This book presents a detailed description of Hindu Cosmology, the story and characteristics of gods and goddesses.  The indian author, Harendr Upadhyay, has specialised in Astrology, Palmistry, Phrenology and Tantra-Mantra.  

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