A Private Sacred Geometry Party

A Sacred Geometry Session for friends and family


We started our European Tour with a private Sacred Geometry Workshop near Frankfurt, Germany.

Friends and family were invited in a very chilled atmosphere to gather and learn about Sacred Geometry by drawing with a compass and straight edge. Some of the guests were familiar with its spiritual aspect and shared their experiences using Sacred Geometric forms in healing.

The more technical knowledge about the fundamental concepts of Sacred Geometry were new to them.

We created the “Aetheric Cell” from the Seed of Life and transformed the circles into a pentagon, hexagon and heptagon on paper, which was subsequently coloured.

It was a great night, talking about dimensions and the biblical teachings, sharing knowledge and experiences.

Thought its going to be a very dry thing again. Surrpisingly we had a great time learning and was able to follow the principles of a divine Geometry. Was worth going. Can’t hardly wait for the next workshop!

Much gratitude goes out to authors Colin Power and Heike Bielek who marvelously taught us with clarity the mathematical and geometrical basis of creation…Working with compass, ruler, and pencil on paper made learning practical, interesting, easier to understand, and so much fun! 

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