These are interesting projects and revolutionary models from science to spirituality, we resonate with. The presented links serve you as alternative sources of information to research the mysteries of the universe. All concepts are in alignment with our metaphysical perspective of nature.


Nick Osipczak is a professional MMA fighter (Tai Chi) who had a life changing experience after taking Ayushacha. He received images of Sacred Geometry that showed him the underlying principles of the universe. To understand these forms better, he started to incorporate them in art, to help himself and others to expand consciousness. (see post)


Founder Julie Umpleby is dedicated to exploring and sharing our spiritual evolution through the development of the "Diamond Light Grid" or 'matrix' of crystalline light. This led her through the fields of science, metaphysics, biology, cosmic cycles and patterns to bring a cohesive and extensive understanding of the "Sacred Octahedron". 

In 2 Infinity - Diamond Light World


Dr. Peter Plichta is a german scientist, who holds credentials in chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics, and chemistry. In his book "God's Secret Formula," he describes a mathematical formula, based around prime numbers, that lies behind the mystery of our universe: "the Prime Number Cross". He has come to believe that "at some time in the future the Pythagorean notion that everything is number and Kepler’s notion that everything is geometry would finally be accepted". His revolutionary ideas implicate that the universe did not arise out of chance, but through a divine building plan.

Marko Rodin

Vortex-Based Mathematics (VBM) was invented by Marko Rodin and shows the relationships and qualities of numbers rather than the quantities. The idea revolves around a circle with nine points equidistant from one another. Through doubling, a pattern emerges that demonstrate how energy flows in a vortex, he calls "the mathematical fingerprint of god".

In 2 Infinity - Vortex Based Mathematics
In 2 Infinity - Nassim Haramein


Founder, Nassim Haramein, is researching connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, as well as anthropology and ancient civilisations. His findings are focused on a fundamental geometry of space that connects us all; from the quantum and molecular scale to cosmological objects in the Universe. His concepts of black holes and the geometry of the vacuum, the 64 tetrahedral grid, provide a new look at the reality in which we live.


Spirit Science is a video animation series that promotes a wide-range of New Age topics including the patterns and principles of the universe: Sacred Geometry. The kids-friendly clips aim to rediscover ancient wisdom, and offer a midway between the seemingly opposite views of religion and science. According to Spirit Science, each individual creates its own reality and that our pathway is to reach higher consciousness.

in 2 infinity - spirit science

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