Into the Wild was very wild – Sacred Geometry

A packed Sacred Geometry Workshops for kids and adults


Our last festival of the season and probably biggest with 5000 tickets sold out, was Into the Wild.

With the spiritual scene getting bigger, interest in symbols such as the Flower of Life seems to get greater as well. In the healing area, Sacred Geometry symbols could be seen everywhere.

Sacred Geometry Workshops completely full

We gave two workshops a day, one for kids and another for adults, introducing the concepts of Metaphysics through the Art of Sacred Geometry using a compass and straight edge. The weather was beautiful and the kids loved it. Our adults workshops were fully packed, in fact, it was the most attended workshop ever, with about 35 people sitting around. For the first time we had more participants than material. But even the people who could not draw, would just sit and listen and seem to be happy with that.

The workshops combined a drawing practise of a specific geometry with small activities to understand philosophical concepts, underpinned with scientific data. We used a few ‘toys’ and 3D models to visualise aspects of these geometric patterns found in nature to play with. This gave a better understanding of the 2D images we created from the Seed of Life. Our Pocket book, the ‘Template‘ was for sale and we handed out some art cards to take home.

Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding of the schedule, our second day adults workshop was held at a spontaneous place, just behind the main stage. For all those who could not find us, we apologise for this inconvenience. We still have a whole day Sacred Geometry Beginner’s Course coming up in Bristol and Oxford in September, have a look!

We would like to give a special thanks to the organisers of the kids crafts area for giving us a space.

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