In 2 Infinity at AgapeZoe Festival Berlin

Teaching Hindu Cosmology to the Yoga Community


We offered a Sacred Geometry Workshop at the Agape Zoe, Mind-Body-Spirit Festival, in Berlin.

15 participants were drawing with compass and straight edge on a sheet of paper sitting on the ‘Love Floor’ – for the Yogis not such a big problem.

Hindu Cosmology

As we were a part of a spiritual festival, we chose a topic in Sacred Geometry that would suit this environment and focussed on the hindu cosmology: the Star of Laxmi.

Creative Visualisation with Sacred Geometry

Drawing mandalas can be used in ‘Creative Visualisation’ to manifest reality through thought. Therefore, we started the session with a collective ‘Ohm’, and everyone set an intention that would be incorporated into the drawing. Subsequently, we approached the metaphysical knowledge presented by basic drawings and showed their relationship to Hindu cosmology and phenomena seen in nature.

Offering Mind-Spirit Exercises

As our workshop was probably the most challenging to the mind (and spirit), we mixed the session with interactive learning methods and expressed certain thought concepts in practical exercises. The technical drawing of the 8 pointed star was left to be coloured, keeping their intention in mind.

Goddess Energy in Ceremony

The session ended as a ceremony with all Hindu gods laid out in the center of the circle, bringing the goddess energy into the room and singing a ‘Ganesh Mantra’ to charge up all drawn mandalas.

The Star of Laxmi, presenting the 8 wealths of Laxmi, was then taken home for the participants to meditate on for Creative Visualisation.

In 2 Infinity - Hindu gods and goddesses

We recommend the book Hindu Gods Goddesses – Spiritual and Scientific Approach, for anyone who would like to dive deeper into the Hindu cosmology.


Very interesting and fun to colour out.

I love the combination between knowledge & being creative.

Super interesting, but you do need to concentrate ;-).

Thank you very much for sharing all of the insights on the connectedness of reality. I think I’d need a couple more sessions to fully grasp the concepts. I really appreciated the games/exercises to help us understand & experience the theory. Very grateful!!

Wonderful inspiring energy.

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