Healing Festival 2017, South Goa

Impressions from the Healing Festival @The Space Goa


The one-day festival for healing therapies, music and art was a great success!

In 2 Infinity was happy to be invited to this years Healing Festival in South Goa. This was a great opportunity for us to run a day long drop in session, reaching a whole new group of people, many of whom had never heard of ‘Sacred Geometry’ before. With compass and a straight edge, we introduced simple mandalas and brought with us several guidebooks for people to dip into and glen some of the finer points of this magical art.

Overall the Festival heralded its second successful year,with hundreds of attendees, and music, dance, healing therapies provided by over 30 talented professionals.

Thanks to The Space Goa for hosting this event and working so hard to create such a wonderful atmosphere.  An inspiring event, full of interesting conversations and creativity.

Same again next year, we hope!

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