This book trilogy stands at the core of In 2 Infinity. We are presenting a new model of space, time and numbers from the perspective of Metaphysics, i.e. Consciousness comes first, then matter. The release of the first book is planned for 2018. 

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Space and the Aether

At the turn of the 1900’s scientists were in search of an Aether that would act as a medium to transport light waves through the vacuum. They failed. Instead, this was replaced by the idea of light existing as a wave and a particle duality. However, if the Aether existed, it would fundamentally shift our perception of the atom, and the foundations of quantum theory itself.


Time and the Ordinance

Light speed and the concept of relativity are the foundation stones of our modern concept of time. We qualify time as a distance between A to B. Yet, Eastern mystics hold a very different view of time. Each moment arises to be acted upon, creating a cycle of karma, termed the Dhamma Wheel. The planets circle around the sun, which in turn spirals through the galaxy. Between viewing time as a linear function from A to B, and a cyclic function, is there a middle way that could explain the unsolved mystery of gravity?


Numbers and Code

Mathematics is the language of science. We use number to define the Laws of the Universe with incredible accuracy. Yet, for many scientists and mathematicians, numbers are considered to be nothing more that a figment of human imagination. However, for the ancient vedic mathematicians of India, numbers held the key to understanding the very meaning of life itself. Is there a secret code hidden within the numbers, that could explain the mysteries of life and consciousness? What would such an understanding have upon our interpretation of the various religions?

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