Sacred Geometry at Amrita Yoga Festival Berlin

'Ohm', the star of Laxmi, compass and straight edge.


We offered a Sacred Geometry Workshop at the Amrita Music, SUP and Yoga Festival in Berlin.

From Sacred Geometry in India to Amrita Festival in Berlin

It was one of those synchronistic moments why we ended up at this Festival. We met Danilo Ananda, one of the organisers, when we were still in India, starting to develop our Sacred Geometry Workshops. He came to one of the open mic nights in Agonda, South Goa, where our workshop facilitator and musician, Colin Power, was playing some tunes. As we planned to go to Germany at the beginning of the summer, he didn’t hesitate to invite us to come to Berlin.

Amrita Yoga Festival marries music with spirituality

So, here we were at the second festival in Germany (the first was the Agapezoe Festival). The family friendly 3-day festival had a campsite located at the beautiful lake “Sedinesee”. Even though we had a lot of rain that weekend, most of the events were held indoors, where people were singing mantras, went to meditation, Yoga and music concerts.

The Star of Laxmi – Sacred Geometry Workshop

In our Sacred Geometry Workshop, we created the Star of Laxmi with a compass and straight edge, symbolising the 8 types of wealth. As Creative Visualisation is practised by many, the goddess Laxmi represents the manifestation of material wealth that we are able to create.

Our workshop, held in english and german, was probably the most mind challenging one, even though the Hindu Cosmology was a familiar subject for the Yoga community. Many have seen sacred geometric symbols, such as the Flower of Life. However, to learn how these relate to reality by looking at geometry and numbers was very new to them.

‘Ohm’, compass and straight-edge

We started with an ‘Ohm’ and introduced the symbol through the metaphysical perspective. As the drawing session was already quite practical, everyone got familiar with compass and straight edge. We additionally mixed it up with some practical exercises, used visuals such as cards of all the gods and goddess and presented hand-made models to make the concepts more understandable.

For more information about Sacred Geometry and the five Platonic Solids, we also brought our Pocket Book ‘The Template – A journey through 3D‘. We also recommend this book list, to learn about Metaphysics, Sacred Geometry and Spirituality.

Any Questions?

The model of metaphysics introduces many new ideas and thoughts about consciousness and matter. If there are any questions left, join our Facebook Discussion Group and post your comments there.

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