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the Quadrivium​

Metaphysics is the study of the fundamental nature of reality, we express through the four liberal Arts of the Quadrivium:

1. Numbers in space (Sacred Geometry)

2. Numbers in Time (Music)

3. Numbers in Space-Time (Cosmology)

4. Pure number (Sacred Number)

Sacred Geometry is not only a branch of the Quadrivium, it is also a valuable and practical tool to explore all areas of Metaphysics in a tangible way.

SACRED geometry

Philosophers such as Plato, Leonardo DaVinci and Johannes Kepler studied Sacred Geometry and believed that the entire universe can be described by these simple forms. The Golden spiral or Golden Section is found throughout nature's growth patterns, from shells to the spiral of the galaxy, all seem to follow the same dive law.

In 2 Infinity - Vitruvian Man
In 2 Infinity - Johannes Kepler
In 2 Infinity - Fibronacci

Sacred Geometry symbols help us visualise and learn about space, time, the cosmos and our own divine nature. Nature's patterns reveal the unity and connecting force of all things. It decodes the mysteries of consciousness and reality in beautiful shapes and allows us to obtain a broader picture of what we call reality.

What we do

Create beautiful divine shapes only with a compass and straight-edge and learn about their spiritual meaning. We use accelerated learning techniques in our Sacred Geometry Workshops, teaching Metaphysics in a unique and fun way. Learn the 'Template' and decode our first insights to Atom Theory, Divine Ratios, Cosmology, and Chaos Theory. Our Metaphysical Talks present a novel perspective on space, energy waves and ancient knowledge for deepening the understanding of a greater picture of reality. 

We use geometric symbols and 3D models to present phenomena seen in nature. Our mission is to bring scientific and philosophical knowledge into a simplified form, understandable even for kids. We think that everyone should learn about Sacred Geometry, it's fun, creative and it brings a deeper understanding to life, creation and consciousness itself.

Sacred geometry workshops

We offer practical Workshops and whole day Courses in Sacred Geometry to introduce the metaphysical perspective, suitable even for kids. Create beautiful mandalas with a compass and discover scientific  models and philosophical concepts.   

Did you know?

In Two Infinity/ Seed of Life


The Seed of Life and Flower of Life can be found across nearly every culture and all major religions around the world, from ancient India, Africa to South America.

In 2 Infinity - Sierpinski Triangle


Fractals are self-similar patterns found everywhere in nature from shells, trees and mountains. Abstract Fractals - such as the Sierpinski Triangle - are generated through a computer algorithm. 

In 2 Infinity - Icosahedron


The five Platonic Solids make up the fundamental basis of our observable reality, from atoms to planetary orbits, they are found everywhere.

A Journey through 3D


Create the 5 Platonic Solids only with a compass folded from a piece of paper and learn about their relevance to nature.

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We aim to inspire thought and an understanding of life by positively communicating the philosophies behind Sacred Geometry. Based on the content of our books we provide a selection of inspiring talks, that blend scientific, and spiritual thought from a metaphysical perspective.


Our metaphysical talks challenge the current scientific paradigm and bring Sacred Geometry to the forefront of understanding natural law. This comprises Phenomena of Quantum Physics, Chemistry and Cosmology to align with spiritual and philosophical questions. We talk about the Aether and the Platonic Solids, Time, Space and the fundamental nature of consciousness and numbers. >> Read more   

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