A Sacred Geometry Workshop at Heart of the East


A lovely weekend at the Heart of the East

We had a spontaneous visit at the Heart of the East Gathering. By invitation only, this family-friendly meeting evolved from a small group of Free Thinkers in subjects of alternative Energy, Law, Economics, Technology and Spirituality. Over the years it gathered many like-minded souls to share knowledge and expand consciousness through mediative practises, creativity and music.

Drawing the Star of Laxmi 

Within the heart of the forest, we held a practical Sacred Geometry Workshop for about 15 people. Topic of this session was the ‘Star of Laxmi’ or in scientific terms, we call the ‘Collapsing of the Wave function’. It describes the mechanism through which light transforms from a wave to a particle. This wave-particle dualism has been attributed to the idea that ‘we create our reality’, a term well-known from the New Age movement.

Unlike complicated scientific textbooks, we approached this phenomenon through the practise of Sacred Geometry using a piece of paper and a compass. Through drawing simple circles, we demostrated how nature’s pattern’s evolve out of the Seed of Life and how this geometry is related to light. Our models helped to visualise certain geometric formations in 3D and we presented a few scientific experiments to support the metaphysical perspective. Practical exercises also made use of body memory, drawing and colouring stimulated the artistic side. The basic premise of how light collapses was presented in a geometric pattern, drawn out by each individual and taken home as a beautiful mandala. All in all, it was an intense and rather advanced session for this very open-minded and intellectual audience. We thank the Heart of the East, forholding such a magical space.

For more in depth-knowledge, visit our Talk ‘ the Atom and the Aether’ (Leicester) around the UK (event calendar).

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