Sacred Geometry Workshop at Kranti Yoga School

We had a lovely Sacred Geometry Session at Kranti Yoga. The Yoga students practised the creation of the Flower of Life with a compass and a straight edge. Through the drawing process, we explained their metaphysical meaning in the creation of space and dimensions.


Yoga students enjoy our workshop

We gave 2 Workshops for around 10 Yoga students and teachers at the Kranti Yoga School in Patnem Beach, South Goa, india. The students were practising the creation of the Flower of Life with a compass and a straight edge and learned about its metaphysical meaning. We brought our Guidebook down and some Clue-Cards with Artwork. They were quite fascinated to get insights to the basic patterns in nature as they were familiar with some of these symbols found in Yoga. Although none of them were mathematicians or geometricians, our facilitator Colin presented the basics in a tangible way. We finished the session with the meditative part as they emerged in the colouring of the drawings.

Goa, we’ll be back next year and we’re looking forward to more workshops at Kranti Yoga!

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