Course – Oxford

Course – Oxford


This 1-day course is a fantastic introduction into the Art of Sacred Geometry. Practise the creation of the Seed of Life to the Metatron’s Cube only with a compass and a straight edge. This practical beginner lesson will give you the technical instructions and will reveal the metaphysical significance to nature.

  • Practise Sacred Geometric designs and their relationships
  • Discover the metaphsical concept of Dimensions
  • inclusive Metatron’s Cube Notebook

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Discover the creation of the Metatron’s Cube from the expansion of a dot. This practical course provides you with the drawing techniques to form the Seed of Life, Fruit of Life and Metatron’s Cube. We explore the geometric processes and draw conclusions to their metaphysical meaning.

This Course is organized in conjunction with Raise Spirit Art. Art prints will be available at the workshop.
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Event Details

Date: 09/16/2017

Start time: 10:00 a.m.

End time: 16:15 p.m.

Venue: Watlington Hill Farm, Watlington Hill, Christmas Common, WATLINGTON, OX49 5HS, UK

Email: [email protected]

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